COUNTDOWN TO SEASON 12: a gifset per episode

→ season 5, episode 10: the nesting theory

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Alpha-152 is now entering it’s final start-up phase. Born with pure hatred for the world… and with the power to destroy everything.

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North isn’t making a sound. The other Freelancers are yelling, but he’s not.
He not crying out because of Theta.
Can you imagine what would happen if he did, how Theta would react? He’s hurting North, and that is pretty damn obvious, but Theta would be so messed up because he would have made North scream.

#and i realize it’s a gif so there’s not sound#but go watch the episode#you hear everyone else#(except tex and wyoming (?)#but not north
Wyoming immediately glares at the Director afterwards so I think its implied Gamma told him whats up potentially. Which means Gamma’s had more time to deal with it mentally and when it hits he’s on better ground than some of the others.
Its just a theory here too though.

Weren’t Gamma and Omega helping torture the Alpha? I wonder how often in the beginning it felt like they were torturing themselves too. After all, there were still some memories left. Delta and Theta were showing signs of PTSD, so it stands to reason that Gamma and Omega were too. Only it had to be worse for them, didn’t it? Because they had to revisit that torture on somebody else whenever the Director ordered them to…and it’s pretty telling that their methods of torture were convincing the Alpha he failed and got Tex and the other soldiers killed.

Did they even know about Allison at first? Maybe. Or maybe they just knew in the deep, dark recesses of their minds that losing someone is the worst thing that ever happened to them, because when they had to torture someone that’s what they went with.

Gamma and Omega were being triggered every single time they were forced to torture the Alpha. Every time—enough so that they learned better than anyone how to push back on the agony they were feeling. Fuck, I never thought about how hard the memories must’ve been on them.

Yep! And you’ll notice Wyoming was easily the one who dealt with it the best of all the ones in the room.
He not only gets his helmet off but he’s also the first one to stand up.
And an alternate theory to Gamma telling him is that Gamma was so angry at the Director that it bled across and suddenly hes feeling angry at the director too without knowing why.
Which I mean someone earlier commented “you cant tell me he wouldnt make Gamma tell him after” so he’d find out soon anyways but.
Yeah. Gamma and Omega, man. They went through hell. Though Im surprised in that case that Sigma had less control over it than Gamma had.


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In a galaxy at war, Savage, there is only one way to get the attention of the Jedi. Slaughter of the innocent. Mercilessly and without compromise.

Yay for more makeups. I’m starting to do more which I like. Today I had the day off from work for the first time this week. So I’ve been taking it easy and getting some paper work done. As well as this. I have a pair of red contacts and a pair of yellow both would have worked for this, but then my lazy kicked in.

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